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The main focus of Tech Rise is to work with tech companies that are poised on the brink of IEO / ITO.

What you get

Get Your IEO / ITO Marketing Materials

White Paper

A marketing documents used to attract investors.

One Pager

A one-page document that provides an overview of a startup.

Pitch Deck

A brief presentation created to give a short summary of startup.

Landing Page

A standalone web page, created specifically for a ITO.

Get your media presence and build community

Social media

We help our clients create a strong community and manage it.


  • Startup’s SM pages;
  • online community;
  • new engaging formats;
  • community management.


Let’s run your successfull Airdrop and Bounty campaigns to create community awareness for your  project.

Media presence

Do you want to get your ITO / IEO to all the right people out there? Of course you do! That’s why you need to have a well-defined PR strategy to outstand from others. We’ll help you to get hype before your ITO/IEO

6 steps to launch your successful
IEO / ITO in 2022

1. Get attractive website.

2. Create informative Pitch Deck.

3. Write a well-structured and argumented white paper.

4. Get an explainer video that sells you ITO / IEO.

5. Run targeted airdrop to get an engaged community.

6. Place articles on the right media.

Our team is here to help you on each of these steps!