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Zephyr Airospace

Zephyr, a lie-flat seat designed for everyone


  • A lie-flat, social distancing compliant seat for airlines
  • Retrofits existing commercial aircraft (Boeing and Airbus)
  • Provisional international patents filed for seat design and utility
  • Partnership with award winning aerospace design company Style & Design
  • Increases ancillary revenue for airlines by 30%+


Economy class hasn’t evolved

Most airline seats haven’t changed since the 1970’s. 99% of all Economy Class seats are fixed upright and impossible to sleep in. They force unnatural postures over long periods of time and can damage health.

Business class is too expensive

Upgrading is not an option for the majority of travelers due to the prohibitively high cost. For travelers willing to pay more for comfort, Premium Economy Class seating offers glorified economy seats that only give a few extra inches of leg space – with no lie-flat feature.

Travelers just want to sleep

Airlines try to justify higher fares by bundling perks like in-flight meals, lounge access and extra baggage allowance. In a study we conducted, 70% of travelers would trade… Read more


Zephyr is a lie-flat seat designed for Economy Class travelers on long distance flights.

Our patent pending design introduces a social-distancing compliant seating module that will disrupt the entire airline industry and make flying great again for all travelers.

Product: The Zephyr Seat

Zephyr offers Economy Class travelers the comfort and privacy of an individual cabin

Democratising comfort in the sky

Zephyr is the perfect seat upgrade which fills the gap for travelers that value comfort above all else, and do not want to pay the overpriced premium for Business Class. Our design allows passengers the gift of multi-functional usage — to lie completely flat, lounge or sit upright with their legs fully extended.

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